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Why Use Zoom It?

  • Ubiquitous Availability

    The first time you use Zoom It, the app will ask you if you want it to open automatically every time you start your Mac. Say yes and the Zoom It loupe will always be available, regardless of which programs you have open. You can show the loupe for just a moment with a simple keyboard shortcut, or you can keep it on the screen while you work.

  • Zero interference

    Zoom It never takes over your menu bar, stops software from functioning normally or gets in the way of other controls. The loupe moves naturally along with your cursor and allows you to click, type, and select inside the magnified area. Zoom It works with your other software programs, not against them.

  • Just the view you need

    The Zoom It loupe lets you magnify any area of your display without changing your view of the whole screen. It's always quick and easy to adjust the size, shape and magnification level of the loupe with simple keyboard shortcuts.

  • No keyboard shortcut conflicts

    Use control-Z to show the Zoom It loupe temporarily, and keep it open by holding the Z key down. You can still use control-driven functions, such as cut, copy and paste, while you're Zooming. You can even customize the keyboard shortcuts if you think another combination will work better for you.

  • No trackpad or mouse conflicts

    Zoom It won't interfere with your mouse or trackpad controls. You can always right-click, Command-click, and use gestures while you're using the loupe.

  • Easier navigation for complicated palettes and tools

    Pallettes and toolbars can be hard to see, especially when you're working on a large or especially detailed project. Instead of leaning forward to peer at your screen, sit back and use Zoom It to get a clear view of small icons, tools, and color patches.

  • Specific screenshots

    Zoom It makes it easy to take a screenshot of a specific item on your screen at a magnification level that is easy for people to see. All it takes is a simple keyboard shortcut. Quickly take screenshots with or without the loupe border and send them to colleagues and collaborators.

  • No need for glasses

    Instead of reaching for reading glasses every time there's a small item on your screen, you can use Zoom It to quickly magnify it without taking your hands off the keyboard.

  • Customizable controls

    Every Zoom It function can be controlled with simple keyboard shortcuts, and you can customize them to suit the way you work.

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