Laser Pointers are Child's Play Zoom It Instead!

Gordon Gould obtained the patent for the laser pointer in 1977. Let that sink in. This dated device may have even been around before you were born.

Would you use a slide projector for your next presentation? Probably not, right? Most people wouldn't. But the amount of so-called technically savvy people who still use laser pointing devises is downright staggering. Instead of using a dated device with limited functioning, give yourself an instant tech upgrade and wow your peers with Zoom It.

Here are some of the things you can do with Zoom It

Zoom in on ANY part of your screen

Not sure if the people in the back of the room can see the small text? Don't worry about reading off every word. Just Zoom It. You can even Zoom up to 500%!

Let the Zoom FOLLOW you

If you're trying to demonstrate how to write a line of code or navigate through a website, you can be sure everyone is focused on the right part of the screen at all times because the magnified area will follow your cursor.

Zoom and WORK and Zoom some more

You'll never lose functionality at all, so you can do anything you would normally do with your keyboard. Cut, copy and paste away without losing magnification or your audience's attention.

Take SCREENSHOTS for future use

With Zoom It, you can easily take screenshots during the presentation and save them for later use. Create a recap document or a handout with ease.