How it Works

Power Tip: If you use a Wacom tablet, you can assign one of the function keys to show/hide "Zoom It." An editor for the French magazine says it was the first thing he did.

The first time you open Zoom It, you will be asked whether you would like the app to open at login. We recommend you select this option so that Zoom It starts running every time you turn your Mac on, and is always just a quick keyboard shortcut away.

You can control Zoom It by using keyboard shortcuts or via the dropdown menu that opens when you click the Zoom It icon on the right side of the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Here is an overview of all of Zoom It’s functions and how to use them (click on each number to see a demonstration):

Show the loupe temporarily.

When you want to use the Zoom It loupe for just a moment, you can show it temporarily by using a keyboard shortcut.

Default shortcut: Control-Z

As long as you hold the Z key down, the loupe will stay on-screen. You can release the Control key after the initial keystroke, which allows you to use it for other shortcuts while you still have the temporary loupe on-screen. You can highlight text, drag and drop, right click, and command click—even when you’re just using the temporary loupe.

To make the temporary loupe disappear, simply release the Z key

Show/hide the loupe permanently.

To keep the Zoom It loupe on-screen permanently, without holding down a key, you can use a keyboard shortcut or select the Show/Hide Loupe option in the Zoom It menu.

Default shortcut: Option-Z

To make the loupe disappear, use the same menu option or keyboard shortcut.

Select the loupe shape.

You can use a rectangular loupe or a round one. To change the loupe’s shape, use the keyboard shortcut or select the Loupe Shape option in the Zoom It menu. Zoom It has a single default keyboard shortcut for the loupe shape to make it easy to toggle between rectangular and round.

Default shortcut:

Adjust the loupe size.

You can adjust the size of the loupe in eight increments, from little to extra large. To adjust the size, use a keyboard shortcut or select the Loupe Size option in the Zoom It menu.

Default shortcut:
Increase size: Control-]
Decrease size: Control-[

Adjust the loupe magnification (zoom) level.

Naturally, you can zoom with Zoom It. To adjust the level of magnification the loupe applies, use a keyboard shortcut or select the Loupe Zoom option in the Zoom It menu.

Default shortcut:
Increase zoom level: Control-=
Decrease zoom level: Control--

Customize your Zoom It keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom It’s default keyboard shortcuts are designed to make using the loupe quick and efficient. But if you’d like to do things differently, you can customize the shortcuts so that Zoom It works the way you do. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the Zoom It menu and select Settings.
2. Click the shortcut field of the function whose shortcut you want to customize.
3. When you see the text “Type shortcut,” press the keys that you want to use for a shortcut to the function.

Take a screenshot of the magnified area.

To take a screenshot of the area displayed inside the loupe border, you can use a simple keyboard shortcut.

Default shortcut: Shift-Command-2

Take a screenshot of the magnifier area, including the loupe border.

If you’d like your screenshot to include the loupe border, use the following series of commands:

1. Open the loupe permanently see #2
2. Press and hold: Shift-Command-4
3. Press and release: Space
4. Click with your trackpad or mouse on the loupe.