Avoid Digital Eye Strain Zoom It!

Have you ever felt like you needed to rest your eyes in the middle of a major project? You're not sleepy or feeling particularly overworked, but your eyes just need a break.

That could be a symptom of digital eye strain, so don't ignore it.

Digital eye strain is a very real thing, and it can result in vision problems if you don't take measures to relieve the strain. According to the Vision Council, you can prevent eye strain by keeping your distance from the computer screen and bumping up text size two things that Zoom It can help you with!

Graphic designers should especially take note. Long hours spent obsessing over the finest details of a project can really take its toll on your eyes. If you're experiencing dryness, redness, irritation or headaches, you may already be experiencing the symptoms of digital eye strain.

With Zoom It, you can get a closer look at palettes, tools and intricate design details without having to strain your eyes or sit too close to the screen.

Work with a better view!

Zoom It is such a light and slim application that you barely know it's there aside from the enhanced view you can still use all your favorite keyboard and mouse functions while you're Zooming. The zoom will follow you as you work.

Collaborate with ease

If you need to get someone's opinion on a specific part of the design, you can easily snap a screenshot with Zoom It and collaborate with ease.

Customize for your needs

Use your own keyboard shortcuts to make it easier and more intuitive for the way you work. Make the zoom larger, smaller, round or rectangle. You can even zoom as much as 500% on any part of the screen.